Two big rumors came to light this morning about two potential 1st round fantasy football draft picks. Le’Veon Bell RB for the Steelers is facing a 4-game suspension for missing a drug test. This is concerning for multiple reasons. This is the second year in a row that Bell is linked to a failed or missed drug tests. With the last 2 seasons ending early with knee injuries, Bell is no longer a 1st round draft pick if he misses any games again this season due to suspension.

The second story that recently broke has to do with Ezekiel Elliott rookie RB for the Dallas Cowboys. Elliott’s girlfriend posted on social media (and then deleted) photos of her covered in bruises. She did not accuse Elliott directly by name, but she did mention his social media username on the Instagram posting.


If you drafted RB Adrian Peterson two seasons ago, you will remember him being a unanimous first round fantasy draft pick and then all of sudden being suspended for the rest of the season due to beating his child with a “switch.” He was not useful for your fantasy team whatsoever the rest of the year. Ray Rice has not played in the NFL since the gruesome video appeared of his domestic abuse incident with his wife. The images that Elliott’s girlfriend posted were graphic which will lead to an NFL investigation.

Until more details emerge, BOTH Elliott and Bell are no longer 1st round material. Even if Bell gets his suspension reduced to 2 games, he is still not a 1st rounder in my eyes. He will miss at least 2-4 games due to suspension, and given his recent track record, he will most likely miss additional games due to injury. Until more information emerges about the Elliott incident, I am not wasting my 1st or 2nd round draft pick on Elliott. I learned the hard way with AP missing the majority of the season due to abuse. Keep your ears and eyes open for more details to emerge in the coming weeks.

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