College & NFL Week 2 Bets

Hello friends… I can’t really start this off without saying last week sucked. Not only did I miss all 3 picks, I also bought my bookie a new TV, easily around 75-inch top of the line TV! It sucked just like my picks. This week let’s hope for a huge turnaround.

Season record so far… 2-4

Let’s start with College football on Saturday. Let’s start off a 10-point teaser that I love (but I did say that last week too.) First team USC at home against Texas. USC showed me showing I never thought I would see, they were much more physical than Stanford, beating them at their own game. USC had over 300 yards of rushing and passing against one of the best defense’s in the nation. USC proved that Western Michigan woke them up. Some may say this is a trap game, but I don’t see it. USC is going to rock Texas by 2 scores.

Kansas State on the road against Vanderbilt. I think Kansas State is going to get some breaks on that stout Vanderbilt defense. The last pick will be the defending National Champions Clemson Tigers. I think this game will be close against Lamar Jackson and the Louisville Cardinals. With the tease, you get Clemson at plus 6.5 which I think even if they lose it will be within 3 points or less.

10 Point Teasers – Bet 110 to win 100
Clemson + 6.5
Kansas State + 6.5
USC – 2.5

Now here are two spread picks

Wake Forest has looked really good this year. They just blew out Boston College, and now they will do the same at home against a very bad Utah State team.

Wake Forest -13.5 over Utah State
Bet 110 to win 100

Oregon Ducks look a lot better than last year. They are on the road against a so-called “great quarterback” Josh Allen and the Wyoming Cowboys. This kid has raw talent for sure, but he is horrible against the Power 5 conferences, and it will continue. Oregon should roll here. Oregon is -14 but I would buy a half point to make the spread -13.5.

Oregon -13.5 (buying .5 point) over Wyoming
Bet 120 to win 100

Let’s hope after Saturday we are on a winning streak so we can make up for last week with the NFL picks below.

I am going to start with a spread pick with the Tennessee Titans on the road against the Jaguars. Yes, I know Oakland shut down the run game of the Titans and the Jaguars looked great against the Houston Texans, I get that. I see the Titans showing up and beating the Jaguars this Sunday. If the Titans start the season 0-2 and the Jaguars are 2-0 then the Titans should just TANK the season.

Titans -3 over Jaguars
Bet 110 to win 100

This article has gone on long enough but below is my NFL teaser. Patriots will bounce back this weekend and the Saints should be really worried. The Ravens defense is going to eat up on the Browns. Lastly the Oakland Raiders can, and should cover -3.5 over the Jets.

NFL Teaser 10 Point – Bet 130 to win 100
Patriots plus 2.5
Ravens plus 2
Oakland -3.5

Good luck to us all!

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