Happy Thanksgiving week Fantasy Fumblers…..sadly in the DFL formats, they do not give you the option to pick the roster with all the games slotted for this week. So down below is just the Sunday players and games. I will though, give an added bonus involving the Thursday games. Last week we had more hits then misses. AJ Green did kill me, but hey GURLEY got a TD finally. You’re welcome TODD for the good mojo! Also, how about a QB getting a TD catch! BOOM! I mean come on, I gave you a RB who didn’t have TD all year and a QB who added a TD catch onto an already productive day.


Jay Ajayi ($7,600) – I love running backs against the Niners and I will continue my trend this week with Ajayi, who should have a huge game at home against the Niners. Plus Miami is looking really good, so the trend will continue. I will say 120 yards rushing and a TD for Ajayi this week.

Julian Edelman ($6,800) – Last week it seemed as if Brady remembered he had Julian Edelman on his team. With Gronk probably missing another week, I expect Edelman to pick apart this secondary of the Jets. The Pats should win another one this week, and Edelman should get the benefits from it.

Eli Manning ($6,500) – I was hesitate to go with Eli (since I have to start him this week in my standard fantasy league) but it is the Browns that he is going up against. They look really, really bad still! Eli should have a wonderful day, just like many QB’s have done this year against the Browns. Eli and the Giants are rolling, look for 250 Yards and 2 TDS from Eli!


Brandon Marshall – Here is my new Todd Gurley. I drafted Marshall this year and he is killing me. The Pats will focus on him, and make other options on the Jets beat them. He has been a bust for many weeks in a row, and it shall continue.

Spencer Ware – I expect Denver’s defense to be hyped up, and they will take away the run and force Alex Smith to make big plays to beat them this Sunday night. Ware hasn’t looked the same since coming back from an injury.

Blake Bortles – I know this is an easy pick but why make my picking harder than it should be? Bortles is facing the Bills on the road, and let’s face it, the Jaguars are underachieving… wait they have always been bad, never mind. Bortles had an under 20 point game last week against the Lions and I expect another under 20 performance against the Bills this week.


Tyler Boyd ($4,000) – With AJ Green out, I see a lot of targets going Boyd’s way. If he can get anything close to last week’s numbers, it’s a steal. He should get between 12-15 points, and that’s perfect for his price tag.

BONUS Turkey Day Lock

Kirk Cousins and Dek Prescott, I see a shootout coming, and either QB will be a good buy on Turkey Day!

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