Hello again, and hello to WEEK 1 of the NFL season! I have to admit I am very happy the season starts this week. That might also have to do with being a SF Giants fan, and how they continue to suck. Well, that means I can take my mind off that train wreck for some fantasy football!!! This too, could be a train wreck if my picks suck. If my BUSTS & LOCKS end up not working out this week don’t blame me. Blame the players!

  1. Frank Gore – I know this line has been used over and over again but Gore is over the hill. I actually do expect better things from the Colts this season, but I can’t buy into Frank Gore having anything left in the tank.
  2. Arian Foster – Listen, I actually drafted Foster in my 12 team standard league. I think he will have a nice season as a RB3/flex. But Week 1, I won’t be starting him against the Seahawks defense. The Seahawks at home with that crowd on opening day… I don’t expect a lot out of Foster Week 1.
  3. Jay Cutler – Now I know everyone likes to pick on ole Jay Cutler, but I need to see if his offensive line can block for him. The Texans have a really good pass rush, and Cutler has been getting his head beaten in and we haven’t even started the regular season. With the recent signing of offensive lineman Sutton from GB should help, but I need to see it to believe it.
  1. Antonio Brown ($9,800) – I know it’s a cop out to say my #1 lock is the so-called best fantasy player on the top 300 lists everywhere. Well too bad, he is. I expect BIG BEN to lean on Brown with the suspension of Bryant. Wheaton coming back from injury, his other WR is a rookie named Sammie Coates who was inconsistent in preseason. I expect Brown to have a big game Monday Night.
  2. Adrian Peterson ($7,600) – I drafted AP with my first round pick because he is a machine. Until he slows down I’m buying in. With a solid offensive line and with Shaun Hill at QB Week 1, I expect the Vikings to feed AP, and I see him getting yards and a TD against the Titans.
  3. Jameis Winston ($6,600) – Winston had 20 fantasy point games against ATL last year. I am expecting better things from Crab Legs this year and it starts in Week 1. I think Evans and Winston will be a good combo all year long. I am going to roll with him at QB to start Week 1.

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