Welcome to week 2 fumblers! So out of my 3 Busts for Week 1, I would say I went 3 for 3. My Locks would have been 3 for 3, if it weren’t for AP having such a lack luster week. AP Killed me, but crab legs Winston was on fire, and Brown was just a STUD! (An easy pick also). Spencer Ware did not let me down with his value and point total as my Week 1 Bargain Pick. Here goes my Busts and Locks for Week 2.


Ameer Abdullah – I am really not buying into his big game against the Colts. He has to face the Titans defense, which just made AP look immortal. I think Theo Reddick will be the one who scores for the Lions in the backfield.

Todd Gurley – I am going for it! Going with a wild card bust…. number 2 salary on Draftkings this week, I am not going to buy into Gurley just yet. I do see him getting over the hump, but not this week against the Seahawks. The Seahawks defense looked strong in Week 1, and with the Rams QB situation, I am not buying into Gurley just yet.

Carlos Hyde – The 49ers offense looked really good on Monday. The 49ers did face a solid D-Line of the LA Rams, and ran it down their throats. Hyde got 2 TD’s and 23 fantasy points. A really good stat line, but now the 49ers have to head to Carolina after playing on Monday night at home. I just don’t see a big game from Hyde this weekend.


Eli Manning ($7,600) – All I can say is look at the Saints defense last week and check Eli’s stat line against the Saints last year. Eli will have a BIG GAME!

David Johnson ($7,600) – DJ looked very good last week. Fitz and Johnson were keys on offense to the Cardinals even being in that game against the Patriots. I think DJ will have a field day rushing and catching the ball against the Bucs defense.

Kelvin Benjamin ($6,500) – Benjamin started where he left off before his season ending injury last year. Against a solid Denver defense he got almost 100 yards and a TD. I think he should get over 100 yards and a TD again this week against the 49ers. I don’t see anyone in that secondary matching up well with his size and power.


Jacob Tamme ($2,900) – This is a huge reach for me, but I am going for it. Last year TE’s had big games against Oakland, and Matt Ryan looked really comfortable targeting Tamme. 8 targets for 6 catches for 51 receiving yards. With Freeman not looking like a threat to run, I expect Ryan and the Falcons to pass the ball a lot in this matchup. Plus the Raiders secondary hasn’t looked very impressive to start the season off with.

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