Did You See That – Week 1

As I watched the first full week of football, there is one thing I noticed and that is sometimes the best part of the games are not the actual game itself. One of the best parts of this great game are the HARD HITS! Briean Boddy-Calhoun (#20) of the Browns welcomed back Le’Veon Bell to the NFL late in the second quarter with a bone crusher hit. As Fatman likes to say, anyone hits me like that we are fighting.

Stefon Diggs second touchdown Monday night was just another play in a NFL game, but his reaction to scoring reminded me of the angriest man to ever play football, Corey Dillon. Diggs scores a touchdown and takes the football and kicks it into stands. Only time I have ever seen the same angry reaction was when Corey Dillon did this with the Patriots. Dillon also said he “rather flip burgers than play football in Cincinnati.”

The LA Rams showed once again they have no class as an organization. The Rams are beating on the Colts all day long, they’re up by 30 points in the 4th quarter, Jared Goff lines up in the shotgun formation and passes. Back when this was a man’s game Mr. Goff would have been carried off the field by the medical staff after a linebacker planted him in the turf. ZERO CLASS BY THE RAMS!

My favorite moment of the weekend came in Monday night’s Broncos vs Chargers game. Drew Kaser punted the ball to the Broncos Isaiah McKenzie, who ran the ball up the right sideline and gets popped by the Chargers punter. Kaser unloaded on McKenzie knocking him down to the ground. McKenzie jumps up to see who hit him and his head immediately drops down as he sees it’s the punter… that’s classic.

Carson Palmer needs to retire. Father-time is like karma, it is undefeated and both have caught up with Palmer. Week 1 against the Lions he looked scared and out of place. Most evident moment was when he threw an interception trying to avoid any contact. Haloti Ngata reminded Palmer this a big man’s game. Cleaned his clock!

I saved the worst for last. Fatman has been watching football at all levels, Pop Warner, High School, College, and Professional for 50 years now, and I saw something in the Raiders vs Titans game I have never seen before. Wide receiver Amari Cooper DROPPED (3) consecutive touchdowns in a ROW. Not an error on my part or typo. Cooper, like every current WR not named Antonio Brown, is and always has been overrated.

If my wife AKA the Evil Queen was a NFL referee this is how she would announce a penalty – After further review the runner did not touch second base touchdown Celtics.

See you next week – Fatman

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