As I read numerous fantasy football rags, watch countless hours of the NFL channel and ESPN, follow blogs, and chase trolls on Twitter, I find myself thinking there is WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION out there to make all of us overthink what we are doing. Who the hell are these so called experts, and why is there guesstimate any better than mine or yours?

My name is Fatstradamus. This is about the 30th year I have been in a fantasy football league. I am the commissioner of the current league that I am in, and one of the original nine owners in a league of twelve. For as long as I have played fantasy football, I have seen everything imaginable. That is what makes fantasy football so comedic to me – the unpredictable.

The one thing that really gives me a Screaming Seagull (look it up on Urban Dictionary if you aren’t aware of this term) during the football season is how everyone just LOVES a handful of players. All over the TV, radio, and internet, you will see and hear the same names that “experts” either love or hate. Something I have done for several years now is put together a DO NOT DRAFT LIST. No matter what, I stay away from these players regardless where they fall in the draft. This list has worked out well for me and my fellow co-owner.

Now many of you are going to think, what the hell has Fatstradamus been smoking? But you just wait and see what happens, and most importantly, unlike the talking idiots on the major networks, I will touch base throughout the season, and the end of the season to show you how I did. So with that said, here are a few big name players who are on my DO NOT DRAFT LIST.

Le’Veon Bell (RB) PIT: Many show him as a top 10 overall pick. In Bell’s three years with the Steelers he has missed (13) games because of either drug suspension or knee injuries. Bell relies on his speed/quickness and cuts to be at the top of his game. My biggest worry here with Bell is that he likes to burn the weed too much, with a season starting another (3) game suspension this year. Week 8 is his bye week, so you really lose him for another week during the season.

Jordy Nelson (WR) GBP: Most drafts show Nelson going mid to late second round. Too much of a risk for my blood. Been around fantasy football for 30+ years, I have NEVER seen anybody bounce right back from a blown out knee. It usually takes at least (2) years. Nelson is 31 years old. He will play (8) games on fake turf, and a good chunk of games in cold weather – all the more reason to worry about his 31-year-old rebuilt knee.

Cam Newton (QB) CAR: Everyone has Cam Newton ranked as the #1 QB. Only two or three times in fantasy football history, have I ever felt a QB was worthy of a 1st or 2nd round pick. That was Brady, Manning, and Brees their record-setting seasons. Last year in my league, Newton scored 404.45 points and was the top offensive player in the league. It is very common for the team that lost the Super Bowl the previous year to have a challenging year ahead of them. I look for the Panthers and Newton to digress from their magical 2015 season.

Jamaal Charles (RB) KCC: Charles just had his second ACL knee surgery as a Chief. He also will be the dreaded RB age of 30 this December. I have seen Charles drafted consistently as the top 8-10 RB’s going in the 2nd round of upcoming drafts. Let someone else take him with an early round draft pick.

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