Hello Fantasy Fumble readers, my name is Chris, but I will be going by Kingman in the Fantasy Fumble world. I have been playing fantasy football in some form or another, for over ten years. I have won two fantasy football championship titles, and also been to four championship title games. I should have won every year but everyone else cheated, and there was a conspiracy out to get me! Moving on… I will be giving my opinions on DFS for fantasy football. DFS stands for Daily Fantasy Sports, just in case you don’t know the fantasy lingo, or you’re just a SLAPNUT! Throughout the season, look for my articles of research and picks that can help make you a winner more times than not. If I can’t… then like I said, it’s a conspiracy! Now below I have given my 3 keys to consistently winning DFS leagues.

My 3 keys to winning in DFS:

  1. The success I’ve had when playing Daily Fantasy Football is in the 50/50 leagues. 50/50 leagues mean that 50% of the participants will win money. If you can enter multiple 50/50 leagues, the better your chances are of winning money back. It may not be thousands, but over time you will come out ahead. It might be low risk/low reward, but if you stay consistent the reward will pay off in the long run. The next two keys to winning will be based off of the 50/50 strategy.
  2. The second key is playing the cap. Meaning spend your cap space correctly and don’t waste it in areas you can save in. At the QB position you don’t always need the most expensive stud QB. You can find a solid QB at a reasonable price, especially QB’s who pass the ball a lot because they are usually playing from behind. As for RB’s, I always look for at least one top guy and another who is dual purpose. A running back that can both run and catch the ball, since you get points per reception. So you can double up on points with them getting rushing yards and receiving yards. When it comes to WR’s, I like to get the top guys because they are (normally) consistent scoring threats. Tight Ends and Defenses are pretty much where I save all my money. I try to find a cheap TE who gets catches, and/or maybe a TD once in a while. I try to target a defense with a good special teams, just in case they can get a kick return or punt return for a TD.
  3. My final key to success, spread the wealth. The money you plan on spending each week, try to spread it out into multiple plays. Don’t just settle for 1-2 entries, if you can go for 4 or more. If the roster you choose can get in the top half of the standings then why not try to do it multiple times? Multiple weekends if I won in one entry I would have won in others.

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