As Week 2 of fantasy football wraps up, I wanted to touch base on OVERREACTING to current team statuses in your fantasy leagues. If you are 2-0 and have dominated your fantasy league so far, you’re lucky enough to have a handful of players that scored major points the first couple of weeks and THAT IS IT!!! But, I’m not really interested in writing to those at 2-0, because your ego’s think you are the GOAT right now! I am writing to the poor league members who have lost key player(s) due to critical injuries.

To those of you at 0-2, and you had AP and/or Kenan Allen, and you struggled to score 60 points the first few weeks, the season just started. DO NOT PANIC – too many times I have seen people with good players FREAK OUT, and look to trade a solid player for someone hot to start off the season.

Perfect example from just last season, Devonta Freeman scored 243.40 total fantasy points in my big money league. After Week 6, Freeman was never the same. Of his (11) TD’s, only (2) came after Week 6. Only (1) 100-yard rushing game came after Week 6. Freeman scored 139.80 of his total points Week 1 through Week 6. While most would think they struck gold, you need to think logically. A no-name came out of nowhere on a bad team that likes to pass the ball. The odds of Freeman keeping up that pace are much less likely compared to a proven RB like AP. The ideal time to trade Freeman last season would have been Weeks 7-8… you probably could have gotten almost anybody you wanted for him not named Antonio Brown.

Watch closely of your skill players’ offensive line’s health, as this can and does have a BIG effect on how the offense performs. Who does your RB1 and WR1 play mid-to-late November or December? Are they playing in cold weather outdoor games? Are they playing against a very physical defense, like the NFC West? I mention this because, physical teams will beat on your skill players and it could be a few games if ever for your player to return to form.

I am in a very competitive (12) team league, all owners know football. We draft (14) players each, we play (8) players a week. No PPR, no FLEX, old school fantasy football. We have IR and can play (5) WR, (3) RB, (2) WR or other combos of WE, TE, RB and (1) each QB, DEF, and SORRY ASS KICKER. I hate kickers, but that will be another article at a later date. We do not have to play a RB or a TE in my league. Below is a top (12) of UNDRAFTED free agents picked up AFTER the DRAFT in the 2015 season.

Blake Bortales 327.40, Ryan Fitzpatrick 320.25, Kirk Cousins 320.10, Tyrod Taylor 270.55, David Johnson 173.80, Allen Hurns 161.00, Jordan Reed 157.20, Graham Gano 150, James Jones 141, Ted Ginn JR 139.90, Jeremy Langford 125.60, Travis Benjamin 123.80.

So as you can see, plenty of chances to fix your draft mistakes and/or make up for injuries. THE KEY is to make the playoffs, and in most leagues this means to be in the top 50%. Sometimes, just like the NFL, teams without a .500 record will make the playoffs. DO NOT rely on the talking heads on NFL, ESPN, FOX etc. Honestly, how often have they helped you? With a few hours a week (max), you too are an expert and can make the needed decisions. TV only cares about ratings, not you and your fantasy teams. Read blogs, team websites, and social media accounts such as Twitter to get instant news. Remember it is vital to be at your best in DECEMBER not September. Good luck!

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