There is truly only one person worth the #1 overall pick in this year’s fantasy draft. Whether the draft is standard or PPR, the automatic first pick should be WR Antonio Brown. He is a dominant player in the league. Going into this article, I was going to make the argument that three players were worth the #1 overall pick. Those players being: WR Antonio Brown, WR Odell Beckham, and RB Todd Gurley. After further analysis, it was unanimous that Beckham and Gurley should not even be in the conversation.

There is a lot of upside with Todd Gurley. If you draft him, you will most likely end up with a top 2 RB. Possibly top 5 overall player in your league. Gurley will play with a rookie QB most of the season. Which means the Rams will rely on the running game a lot this season. But the reason he cannot be considered as the #1 overall draft pick is because the Rams have not been very good under Head Coach Jeff Fisher. Fisher’s record with the Rams after 4 seasons is 27-36. With a winning percentage of .430. My analysis is with a mediocre coach and rookie QB, there will be plenty of struggles. I do not think the Rams offense is potent enough to consider Gurley the #1 overall pick!

Who wouldn’t want Odell Beckham on their team? I would take Beckham on my team, if I am drafting in any other position than the #1 spot. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the stats. Technically, Odell Beckham regressed in his second season compared to his rookie campaign. Check out the stats below:

Odell Beckham Career Stats

YEAR     GAMES     REC     YARDS     TD
2015           15           96        1450       13
2014           12           91         1305       12

Odell Beckham had a fantastic 2015, but I would argue that his rookie year in 2014 was even more impressive. Even though Beckham’s numbers slightly improved from 2014 to 2015, he played in 3 more games in 2015 compared to 2014. Overall, Beckham is a top-notch talent. Just like Todd Gurley, Beckham should also be top 2 at his position and an overall top 5 player. He just should not be the #1 overall pick.

Without any hesitation the #1 overall pick in the upcoming fantasy draft should be WR Antonio Brown. In 2015, Brown racked up 136 receptions, for 1,834 yards and 10 TD’s receiving. Brown put up the best numbers in the 2015 season as a WR, even while doing basically nothing during Weeks 4-7 (total of 11 receptions, 111 receiving yards and 0 TD’s in the 3-game span) with 2nd and 3rd string QB Mike Vick and Landry Jones at helm while Big Ben was injured.

If Big Ben can play a whole season with the Steelers potent offense, look for Brown to surpass 2,000 receiving yards. Brown is so electric, he can take a short 10 yard slant pass 80 yards to pay-dirt. Antonio Brown is hands down the one person worthy of the #1 pick!

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