Sports Betting for Beginners

Hello Fantasy Fumble readers my name is Chris King, but for the purpose of these articles I will be calling myself the Lodi Picker-licker! Throughout the year, I will be picking games every week and hoping you readers can make some money off of my picks. If you do then I am the Lodi Picker… if you lose then I’m the Lodi Licker! 

Each week during the season, I will give you picks in the world of college and NFL football. I will show the picks, what category of bet I made them in, and how much I put down to win on each bet. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with sports gambling, but here is a quick rundown of terms and bets I will be making this year.

Straight Bet – Simple, it’s taking one team with the Points. Could be a team favored to win by 6 points which would be -6 or it could be a team that is an underdog at +6. Straight bet is really all in the term, simply betting one team with the Points or the Money Line (ML). Below are examples of Points and ML.

Example of Points: Patriots -6. Pats win 27-20 they covered and the bet won. Pats win 27-21 it’s a push because they didn’t go over 6 points. Pats win 24-20 which would be a loss because they won by less than 6 points.

Example of Money Line: Steelers -150 means the Steelers would just have to win the game. You would put down $150 bucks to win $100 back.

Parlay Bet – This is a low risk, high reward bet if you can hit it. It’s betting 2 or more teams together, which increases your payout odds, but again you have to win all the games you bet in to win the bet. Usually, it’s taking 2 teams or more for one bet. You can take the point spread or the money line. Like above, if you take spreads they have to cover, if you take the money line, the teams just have to win.

Example of Parlay: Pats -6/Steelers -3/Raiders -115. Pats win 28-14. Steelers win 14-10. Raiders win 21-17. Pats and Steelers covered, and the Raiders won the game outright. Winner-winner chicken dinner.

Teaser Bet – I like teasers but you have to put more down to win your money back. The typical Vegas teasers are 10 points. Below is an example.

Example of Teaser: Let’s use the three teams listed below.

Oakland -1

Pats – 6

Steelers +3

Now let’s add the 10 point teaser to those lines

Oakland plus 9

Pats plus 4

Steelers plus 13

So Oakland can lose by 8 or less, Pats can lose by 3 or less, Steelers can lose by 12 or less. No pushes in Teasers, so they can’t tie the spread like in Parlays or Straight Bets. What I like with Teasers is that you’re getting points, and I have always found it pretty easy to find 3 games a weekend that can work.

Each week during the season, I will break down which style bets to cast as well as some teams to take. If you still can’t make sense of sports betting, try a simple Google search, or just bet your life savings on the Cleveland Browns.

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